15 blogger problems


1. Receiving emails that are addressed as your blog name; Hi Dainty’ I thought was pretty hilarious.

2. Not being able to use your gorgeous brand new make up until you have taken at least 5000 photos of it first. Oh the temptation!

3. Not being able to use your beautiful brand spanking new make up, until you’ve taken 1000 photo’s of it first.

4. Winter – where blog photography goes seriously downhill due to NO LIGHT AT ALL.

5. Broadcasting your whole life on instagram.

6. Writing out a full post which has taken ours, clicking publish only for your browser to crash and lose it ALL.

7.  Explaining to a non-blogger, what a blog is.

8. Emails. Spam emails. Forgetting to check emails etc etc…

9. You go into boots for one thing and spend £100.00. Probably more.

10. Risking your life for blog photos to get the best shot.

12. Taking 1000 photos and only being happy with two.

13. Having a ridiculously long wish list that seems to be never-ending.

14. Forgetting to have fun and enjoy blogging. These days, it’s so easy to get swept up in comparing blog designs, followers, opportunities and stats etc. Just enjoy it, meet new people and have a lot of fun along the way.




  1. I literally have just started my blog as somewhere to kind of log my daily thoughts and been going round looking for blog advice its great to see what other bloggers think. Your blog is great, I am just having some fun with mine just now discovering my feet at the moment hopefully it as successful as yours one day. xx

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