5 tips on rotating your make up stash

So lately I have been meaning to go through my (vast) make-up collection, trying to sort out what I actually use and what has just been hanging around in my make-up bag for years. We all do it though don’t we? That one bright orange eyeshadow that you might be brave enough to wear one day, or the mascara that is rubbish but for some reason we still need it! I know I have a ton of products that I forget I have, even though I love them. I tend to stick to the same products everyday so it’s time for a clear out and a ‘spring clean’ of my make-up bag.



Don’t buy products you know you’ll never use

This is the worst thing you can do, and I always do it. It’s an expensive habit to have, so when you’re out shopping for make-up think if you really need it or do you already have something super similar already?

Know the expiry date of all your make-up

I always forget about expiry dates, and it’s actually really important. When you buy a product it will always indicate somewhere on the packaging how many months it will be until it expires, but the best advice is if it smells or looks different, think twice about using it. You don’t want to be using mascara that’ll give you an eye infection! I will be doing a post about expiry dates in the future, so I will link it back here when it’s done!

Create a storage space for your make-up

Being organised with your make-up and buying or creating a storage space for it will encourage you to check through your stash occassionally. Using a clear acrylic storage box means you can see all of your products and you’re less likely to forget about your old favourites!

Be ruthless with your make-up

I know in my make-up stash that there are a fair few products that I never use or that I don’t think suit me. I know I should get rid of these or offer them to a friend – there’s no point keeping something in the off chance that I might like it one day – I won’t! And in that time it’ll probably have expired anyway. You know what to do – bin it, offer it or sell it.

Don’t be afraid to be daring 

If you’re like me and you wear the same make-up daily, as it’s easy and suits you, means it can be difficult to try out something new. Rotating your collection a bit will encourage you to try a different eyeshadow or a different shade of lipstick and it’s so important to try out new products and build up your confidence.


How often do you rotate your make-up collection?

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