50 ideas for blog posts

Since I’ve started blogging (around 6 months ago) I definitely find that there are some days when I literally do not know what to write about. I’ve not been blogging for a long time, but similarly to many other bloggers, I do get writer’s block. It’s not unusual, but it can be slightly disheartening and I end up thinking, “Well that’s it Lottie, the wells dried up. There’s nothing left, this is the end!!” And then I get a spark of inspiration and the blogging continues! I always find it useful to keep a list on my phone of blog post ideas, and whenever I have a light bulb moment I immediately note it down so I don’t forget. I thought it would be useful for both myself and you guys if I put together a fun list of fifty ideas for when writer’s block kicks in…


1. The best piece of advice you’ve been given

2. Your top 10 beauty hacks / tricks

3. A destination wish-list

4. Share your bucket list

5. Post pictures from your childhood and explain the stories behind them

6. Start a challenge and document the process

7. List 10 crazy facts about yourself

8. Blog about your day / week / month

9. Wear one piece of clothing five different ways

10. Guest blog

11. Share your fave Pinterest boards

12. What’s the most worn thing in your wardrobe?

13. Your fave bloggers

14. Your fave YouTubers

15. Beauty products under £10

16. Try a vlog instead!

17. A save / splurge comparison wish-list

18. Your top Instagram accounts

19. A Q&A with your best friend

20. Your morning / nightly routine

21. Top 5 beauty products

22. What would you tell your teenage self?

23. Inspirational quotes

24. Clothing / make-up haul

25. Your favourite apps

26. How to take the best photographs for your blog

27. How to balance blogging and working / school

28. Beauty products you regret buying

29. Pamper evening routine

30. How you style your hair

31. Your top TV programmes

32. Your favourite bands / artists

33. Blogging advice

34. Throwback Thursday posts

35. How to save money

36. Your favourite fashion item

37. Your favourite brands / shops

38. Blogging room tour

39. How to have a wardrobe clear-out

40. Wishlists for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

41. Your most worn jewellery

42. What’s in your handbag

43. Your own list of blog post ideas

44. How to travel on a budget

45. Review any beauty products that you have recently bought

46. Your top skin care tips

47. A simple beauty DIY tutorial

48. Share a personal story

49. Make a list of your current goals

50. The story of why you started your blog!

I really hope you guys find this post helpful, if you have any other ideas don’t forget to share them by leaving a comment.

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