Mini New Look and Accessorize Haul



So it’s been about four months since I last blogged – I suddenly became really busy and life just got in the way, as it does. But I really missed doing it, and thought New Year is the perfect time to pick up where I left it. For the rest of January I’ll be doing a couple of posts a week (I’m off to Australia on the 8th with my better half, so I won’t actually be here to monitor anything) but will be back to three posts a week in February.

I thought I’d share a mini New Look and Accessorize haul with you. Most of the things I got for Christmas I’ve either eaten, drunk or used so I think I’ll have to give the ‘What I Got For Christmas’ a miss this year. I am absolutely loving New Look’s perfume range at the moment! The Pure Blush scent being my favourite, the fragrance is really similar to Chanel Coco Mademoiselle – it’s just much more affordable! I think this is the perfect everyday perfume to chuck in your handbag and top up during the day. I think perfumes run out really quickly, and as they’re quite expensive I don’t like to use my Daisy one everyday so this is the perfect alternative.

New Look is my go-to shop for pretty phone-cases. My last phone-case lasted about 8 months before the pattern started chipping off, but for £5 I don’t think you can really complain.

I also bought three super cute hand creams from Accessorize. These mini hand creams are an ideal size to again, chuck in your handbag for the day. They smell really fruity and are actually incredibly moisturising. Plus, the packaging is adorable.

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