Goodbye February, Hello March!

marchFebruary is finally over, March has arrived and spring is on its way – thank the lord. February has been a really busy month for myself and Jake, we moved into our house on the 18th and have started to settle in which is why I haven’t blogged for a while. We have been non-stop painting, decorating and cleaning but it is starting to feel like home! For the first few nights it felt like we were on holiday or staying as guests which was strange. It’s been really busy and slightly stressful at times but it’s so nice to finally sit down, put our feet up and appreciate all of our hard-work. Next time I move house, I will definitely be labeling any boxes / bags so I know where all of my stuff is! Rookie error.


So what will March bring?! I am hoping less rain and warmer temperatures but as we are living in England I think that’s unlikely. I have the next few weeks off work so I can concentrate more on updating my blog and sorting out the house. This is only a quick check-in so you know I’m still alive, but watch this space for more blog posts soon…

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  1. Moving house is stressful! I was lucky enough to be away doing exams when we moved last and the hubby unpacked!

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