Maybelline Beauty Haul have probably seen from my previous blog post that I LOVE Maybelline Colour Show nail polish. They have a huge range of colours from dark reds to light blue – they have everything. I bought 3 reds last week and loved them – as I said before, they are perfect for a night out or for a glam day at work etc. However I am still looking for something a little more summery and something I can wear every day. I love pastel colours especially light pink – it’s probably my fave colour. I couldn’t resist buying 2 more nail varnishes to add to my already extensive collection.. whoops! I treated myself to the Maybelline Colour Show ‘Pink Bikini’  which is also dries in 60 seconds – ideal for when you’re in a rush or can’t be bothered to wait around for 30 minutes until it dries. And it really does dry quickly – no lie. It’s a really gorgeous baby pink and is perfect for every day use. I like the fact that this colour will go with any outfit – sometimes it’s nice to just wear simple nail varnish! I am also a massive girly girl so this suits me down to the ground. Such a pretty pink!

I also bought the Maybelline Colour Show ‘Love Lilac’ and how gorgeous is the colour? It caught my eye as it has a very discrete shimmer to it, and who doesn’t love a little bit of sparkle? Again, it’s perfect for every day wear and it’s such a pretty colour I literally can’t get enough of it. I think lilac looks lovely with a slight tan and you can generally wear it with anything. At only £2.99 a pop for both nail polishes it’s amazing value! I’ve mentioned before that these nail polishes last for around a week without chipping, and I think that’s really good. A lot of nail polishes promise 10-days wear but it never actually happens. I’ve used some nail varnishes where they have chipped the next day! The size of the brush means it’s really easy to apply and because it’s flat it goes on smoothly. You also only need about 2 coats, and it doesn’t stain your nails underneath. Some colours (especially yellow) leave a stain after you take it off which is so annoying. Both colours look gorgeous on so I am really pleased. No doubt I’ll end up buying all of the colours from the range so I’m sure you’ll all see some more reviews… up is Maybelline Colour Sensation Lipstick. Oh my god – I am in LOVE. I am a bit of an amateur when it comes to lipsticks I must admit. I was given my first lipstick for my 21st back in December and it was a beautiful red Chanel lipstick that I still use all the time. I’m obviously having a girly week as I wanted to buy some with pink tones for the summer and I spotted this beaut for 6.99! 



I bought shade 832 in ‘Kiss Pearl’ and its a gorgeous, shimmery light pink. True to it’s name, it has a pearly undertone that when applied, really brightens the skin. As I’m extremely pale I don’t think I could pull of bright pinks (as much as I would love to) so dusky pinks really suit my skin tone. This shade is something you can wear every day for work or at the weekend – it suits anything as it’s quite a natural colour. It’s creamy and very smooth to apply. My lips feel extremely hydrated and nourished so it’s definitely a winner in that aspect. I think £6.99 for a decent lipstick is great value for money and I would definitely recommend it. I did find that after applying it in the morning, I did need to re-apply in the afternoon – but who doesn’t check their make-up in the afternoon? This colour really lights up my face and is such a lovely, girly colour – I am so pleased. hope you enjoyed this post – tomorrow I will be reviewing Benefit’s latest mascara.. look out!

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  1. These are such gorgeous pastel colours! I love your blog’s layout, it looks so pretty and dainty (like your blog name). Just having a read through all your archive with a cup of green tea now :)

    Scarlett x

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