Protein World – The Slender Blend Review

So I wrote a blog post about the vanilla flavoured ‘Slender Blend’ back in January (you can see this here) basically documenting why I bought it and what my plan of action was. However, 7 months down the line I thought it was time for an updated review. I didn’t manage to stick to the Slender Blend plan, mainly as in the end I found the vanilla flavour way to sweet – and for someone that loves anything sweet it says a lot.After hearing about the amazing results achieved and the before and after photos, I thought I would give it another go.

After reading a number of reviews I think the general consensus was that everyone found the vanilla too sweet, but the chocolate is known to bit more bearable. I purchased this from the Protein World website and it arrived in a couple of days. It cost £62 and with that I got a big tub of powder, a pot of multi-vitamins and a pot of ‘fat melters’. One thing that I do love about Protein World is that the tub is full to the top, with none of this half-full business that other brands try and get away with. Protein World have loads of different protein powders for different purposes, and The Slender Blend is mainly for women and men looking to lose weight whilst gaining muscle and just generally toning up!

3 key ingredients are Whey Protein, Green Tea and Raspberry Ketones which all aid weight loss. It has 28.7g of protein per 40g serving. Each scoop is about 10g, and you are advised to mix 4 scoops with either milk or water. Although mixing it with water is the best way to lose weight, it is just too watery for me! So I tend to chuck mine in the blender with 250mls of almond milk and a banana if I’m peckish. It’s a pretty versatile protein powder as you can lots of fruits, porridge and even vegetables to bulk it out a bit.The Slender Blend is low in fat and calories, and suggests replacing your breakfast and lunch with a smoothie to aid weight loss. After trying The Slender Blend, it does keep me fairly full but only if I mix it with milk. It only kept me full for about 2 hours when I mixed it with water, but I have a really high metabolism so this may be different for other people. I do find that it kicked my cravings for any sweets or chocolates, as you feel your getting your daily treat with the chocolate flavour.

I have seen quite a few recipes for protein pancakes, using simply bananas and protein powder, which I have been meaning to try out and it looks really tasty (and healthy).I take a multi-vitamin tablet every day anyway, so it’s difficult to decide whether the Protein World multi-vitamins will make a huge difference but I’m interested to try out the ‘fat melter’ tablets. The tablets claim to be:

  • Fast absorbing, fat targeting capsules
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Boosts energy
  • Increases metabolic rate
  • Take them in conjunction with meals and a balanced diet to help you strip away excess fat and get the body definition you desire.

I’m a bit wary about taking these kind of tablets, and they suggest two a day but I will probably just try taking 1 a day and seeing how I get on.

Wish me luck!

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  1. I’m excited to see how these workout for you! I was looking at their instagram a couple of days ago and was interested. I was using a program from NLA For Her which included a protein powder, pre-workout powder, aminos powder, and a fat burning tablet and I was definitely seeing results from eating healthy and consistent workouts, but have since ditched the plan as I wasn’t enjoying the flavours.

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