The Antigua Collection from Next

The Antigua Collection from Next

The Antigua Collection from NextEver since we moved into our own house I have been obsessed with candles and reed diffusers. They make the house feel super cosy and smell really lovely (gets rid of the stench of a rugby kit). I took a trip into Exeter with a friend and she introduced me to the reed diffuser section of Next. We spent about half an hour going “oh my god it smells SO nice”, there were four scents to choose from: Antigua, New York, London and Milan.

The pretty, simplistic packaging drew me towards the Antigua scent and the fragrance won me over! It’s literally amazing. It’s light, fresh and fruity – not the typical floral scent so I loved that it was a little different. It smells really tropical and I instantly loved it. For £15 it’s a pretty decent price and I thought it would look lovely in our bedroom or living room. I actually wish I had bought two now.

The scent is strong enough to last, but it’s not too overpowering and we’ve had quite a few compliments on it from family members and friends. Even Jake likes it so that must be a good sign. It’s been about a week, and I have found with other reed diffusers that the scent doesn’t last long or you get used to it really quickly, but whenever I come into the living room I smell it straight away.

I’m really pleased with this, and will definitely be trying out the rest of the collection! I’m looking forward to seeing how long it lasts for too!


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